Door # 1
(Collaboration with Carlos Alberto Correia)

Group exhibition

At : Gallery Blunk

/variable dimensions

A door that phisicaly divides two spaces, two groups of
people and questions what we take for granted from our daily life situations and experiences. Besides, it is a comment on the rules and predictabilities of an art event.


Cántaro exiliado

Performance/ Lecture:

At : 
Trondheim Kunstmuseum

Artist choice of the collection - Kunstnerens valg -

A task is given to the artist of navigating the museum ́s collection. The purpose of this task is to exhibit one piece of the collection around a presentation of the artist. This object I choose is catalogued and named as (Leirkrukke. Høyde 17 cm Oaxaca/Zaachilo.) Jar made out of burnt clay, and is originally from Zaachila, in the state of Oaxaca, in the south of Mexico.

The possession of this object in the art museum in Trondheim opens up questions about colonialism, western supremacy, cultural pillage, and the legitimate ownership of the object.

A poem was dedicated to filled up the space inside this jar, to claim it’s belonging to a foreign land. At the same time the gesture of filling up this space is a courtesy of the artist of donating and immaterial work to the museum ́s collection.