while sorting out nails...
This show is a result of a long-term contemplative exercise; taking place during a period of 2 years, exploring and intimately understanding a peculiar context, the premises of TKF.
(Bispegata 9A, 7013 Trondheim ).

This specific building overcomes its individuality, representing a broader concept, Architecture. 

An ode, an homage, a critique.

Trondhjems Kunstforening

Makt og tobak /tobacco and power       Risograph prints on colored paper 400 copies A3
Celosía                                                           CNC cut on black cardboard + Sunlight
Portrait of Bispegata 9A                             CNC cut on black cardboard
1853 words                                           Risograph print on colored paper / 50 copies
...“You are the promise of a better world, yet you are also an archive of our vices. You give shelter at the same time that you imprison. You are, both, concrete and ambivalent. You are enveloped in contradiction...”

photography: Stian Hatling