Over-urban architecture
experimental housing
for the rooftops of Mexico City

Mexico city is one of the most impressive urban landscapes in the world; due to its density, the cityscape spreads over thousands of square kilometers, like and ocean of concrete that swallows valleys and mountains. There is almost not free land to build, and the city size had reached its limits, therefore new paradigms must be established. This project is the result of a bachelor thesis, which stated that: in order to tackle housing shortages and the insufficient mobility systems, the space of the rooftops is a fertile and vast arena that can be used in new and experimental ways for building and inhabiting. To find left over spaces and recycle them, this was the case of a cage in the rooftop of a multifamily building, normally used for hanging clothes and dry them after washing, the proposal was to use this 8 square meter space to build a mini house, design to be use for one person, someone young, maybe a student. An economic solution, cheaper and closer to school or work, Mexico city is situated in the middle of a valley, therefore an strategically location is the flat area of the valley, the flatness of the central area, allows alternative ways of moving within the city, for example a bicycle, a not very feasible option if you live far and over the surrounding mountains. This dwelling provides a platform for young people to establish themselves better in the initial faze of their economical life.